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Why You Need a Workers' Comp Attorney

The Workers' Compensation System can be overwhelming, especially for those who have never been injured at work before. A seasoned workers' compensation attorney can help you navigate the system to maximize the benefits an injured worker is entitled to in Rhode Island. And best of yet, an injured worker in Rhode Island does not have to pay their workers' compensation lawyer out of pocket. So why go it alone against an experienced insurance company looking to minimize your benefits at every turn?

Joseph J. Ranone has been practicing workers' compensation cases in Rhode Island his entire legal career. At Ranone Law, you will not only receive a highly experienced workers' compensation attorney, but personal attention throughout your case. For an injured worker, it's critical to know that:

  • Employees injured at work don't pay out of pocket for legal representation. If we succeed in getting benefits for you, the insurance company is responsible for paying any attorney's fees awarded by the court.
  • Often times, workers' compensation carriers deny claims, deny benefits and underpay injured employees their weekly wages. If the workers' compensation insurance company is not made responsible for a worker's injuries, they could be stuck with unpaid medical bills and miss out on other compensation such as scarring, loss-of-use benefits and dependency benefits.
  • Even if an injured worker is paid weekly by the workers' compensation carrier, that does not mean the employee's claim has been officially accepted by the insurance company. in that case, the insurance company can stop your weekly check at any time and refuse to pay medical bills or authorize further treatment.
  • In some instances, an injured worker will also have a liability claim or third party claim against a person or entity that caused their injuries as well as a worker's compensation claim. Having an attorney experienced in these matters can help maximize all available benefits.

*Joe has helped me in a difficult time with workman's comp... He knew how to deal with the insurance company. He also knew about how to get extras out of the insurance company." - Tim U., one of our firm's many satisfied workers' compensation clients

Settlements, Settlements, Settlements!

Some of the most frequently asked questions by an injured worker are can I get a settlement or lump sum and if so how much? For those of you reading this, I'm sure you hope that the answer lies in the next sentence. However, the answer is a bit more complicated. Not every workers' compensation case ends with a settlement and those that do, determining the value of a settlement depends upon several factors. Unfortunately for those who are still reading this, explaining how to value a worker's compensation case lump sum requires a bit of time to explain and is easier done in person.

The solution? Call and schedule a free consultation! All your questions will be answered!

Scar, Scar, Scar!

Keeping to the theme of this page as to why you should obtain a workers' compensation lawyer, we tackle the next most frequently asked question..."how much can I get for my scar?" The simple answer in Rhode Island is somewhere between nothing and $45,000.00. Of course this is a wide range. So where does your scar fall? The ONLY way to tell is to call and make an appointment so that I can view the scar. How much will that cost you? Nothing! Another problem solved.